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The Mediterranean diet and wine, a very healthy combination

We’d like to share in this post a few conclusions regarding the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and moderate wine consumption, extracted from the World Health Organisation report. A combination that brings us multiple health benefits.

Many of these reports originated in what was called “the French paradox” which found that death rates in France were much lower than in other countries, and other Mediterranean regions such as Spain or Italy. Further reports found that moderate wine consumption was able to offset the harmful effects of certain traditional ingredients of French cuisine, such as butter, a source of saturated fat.

In Spain, we are fortunate to live in a generous and bountiful land with excellent raw materials. In addition, our culture and education encourage us to look for moments in which to share good food with family and friends, which naturally emphasises not only the nutritional aspect, but also the social one.

If we had to summarise the key components of our diet, this is what we’d include:

  • Use of olive oil as the main base for preparing any dish and the key ingredient for dressing any raw foods such as salads and cold soups.
  • Prioritise foods of plant origin: fruit and vegetables.
  • Daily consumption of cereal-based foods and foods rich in carbohydrates.
  • Consume and prioritise seasonal products over others, respecting the cycles of the year.
  • Red meat and eggs in moderation, lots of fish, mainly blue fish.
  • Water, the essential drink, which contributes to our daily hydration, accompanied by moderate wine consumption: one glass a day for women and two for men. And what better option for this, than the range of wines offered by Los Molinos, young wines: redwhite and rosé and all the Crianza wines.
  • And of course, exercise and physical activity. “Mens sana in corpore sana.”  Cheers!