Los Molinos

The Legacy

"Good wine should be within the reach of everyone".


«We want to produce quality wines by following the same values as our father.
We believe that tradition, quality and family are the values that have made Félix Solís one of the world leaders in the international wine sector, with a presence in more than 115 countries.” 

Now in its third generation, the family continues to combine tradition and modernity. The headquarters in Castilla -La Mancha have grown to become one of the largest wineries, with the most modern equipment in the world. 

It was in this environment that LOS MOLINOS, one of the most widely recognised and highly appreciated brands in all Spanish homes, was born. The strength and coherence of our wines, their wide range and excellent value for money have made LOS MOLINOS a benchmark brand in the food sector. 

LOS MOLINOS offers a wide range of wines, from young winesredrosé and white wines to more sophisticated options aged in oak barrels. 

The ‘Los Molinos’ name is a reflection of the family’s origins in Castilla-La Mancha and is also the name of the vineyard owned by the Solís family, where the grapes used for LOS MOLINOS wines are grown.

bodega felix solis
Los Molinos


At Los Molinos, we are committed to supporting values and principles linked to sustainable development. We believe that sustainability is a key factor in the competitiveness of companies.

Some of the most important projects developed include: the use of lighter bottles, the replacement of conventional energy with 100% renewable energy, and cardboard boxes made with 100% recycled paper.