Los Molinos

Today is Happy Table Day!

New line of communication for Los Molinos to promote celebrations around the table

Today, on Happy Table Day, we are presenting the brand’s new line of communication. At Los Molinos, we are great supporters of family cooking, of sharing moments around the table, of enjoying the home. A cuisine and a way of understanding the traditional cooking that is so diverse and valued by our loved ones.  

If we had to write a manifesto, we would start with this sentence: “Let's bring back family meals, those little everyday moments that make everyday life much more bearable.” This all fits in a single sentence: Happy Table Day!

We are all familiar with the virtues of Mediterranean cooking. However, beyond its gastronomic benefits, we want to highlight the social benefits: enjoyment around the table in a home setting. It’s not just about enjoying good food but also about hospitality and proximity.

Meetings as the perfect excuse to get together with our loved ones, prolonging such gatherings to enjoy endless hours around the table, holding a glass of wine.

This year you’ll see us with this new communication campaign in leading national digital press and in general/kitchen magazines. We will also be appearing with an important sponsorship on television, which we will keep you informed about (it’s a secret for now).

At Los Molinos, we want you to continue celebrating many of the events that fill so many pages and news programmes: Valentine’s Day, World Environment Day, International Day of Families, Leave the Office Early Day or Skip the Diet Day… but don’t forget that daily celebration that will make you happy every day, Today… Happy Table Day! Happy Monday!, Happy Tuesday!, Happy Wednesday!, Happy Thursday!, Happy Friday!, Happy Saturday!, and Happy Sunday!