Los Molinos


The original Félix Solís winery was founded in 1952, in Castilla -La Mancha. The current winery building was built in 1975, alongside the motorway connecting Madrid with Andalusia. The winery is one of the largest family-owned wineries in the world, and it has the most modern facilities and machinery for production and storage. 

Our expert winemakers combine traditional wine-growing methods with modern wine-making technology. The Solís family owns 400 hectares of vineyards and works with almost 5,000 farmers in the area

From the vine to the bottle, the winery has the best equipment to ensure quality control in all processes. The harvest takes place between the second half of August and the beginning of October. A careful selection of the grapes, before the harvest, is key to ensuring quality wines.
The rest is in the hands of our winemakers, who carefully monitor each stage of the production process. 

Our ageing warehouse includes more than 60,000 American oak barrels; each one has a capacity of 225 litres. These barrels are cleaned every six months to oxygenate the wines contained inside. The temperature in the cellar is controlled automatically to a constant 14-16ºC. 
Cellar humidity is around 80%.

de la viña a la bodega


The area is known for its extreme climate, with temperatures of 40ºC in summer and -10ºC in winter. The soil contains particularly favourable properties for the growing of quality vineyards. The area benefits from a continental climate, with more than 2,500 hours of sunshine and 300 clear days. All these conditions yield well-ripened grapes, producing wines with more intense colours, optimal structure and aromatic power. 


Clean and bright wines with a pale straw yellow colour. Medium to good intensity bouquets with clear fruity tones reminiscent of apple, banana and subtle nuances of wild flowers and almonds.
On the palate, they are dry or medium sweet wines, light in body, with little extract, and a fresh, slightly acidic flavour.


This wine is known for its pleasant combination of wild and fruity flavours, with certain structure on the palate, ending with a slightly bitter finish, which gives the wine its peculiar personality.


Tempranillo (Cencibel). Of the native varieties, this is the most suitable for high-quality Crianza wines. Its versatility also makes it excellent for rosé wines. Undoubtedly the most important grape variety in Valdepeñas, this is the flagship variety of the region and its wines.