Los Molinos

Los Molinos, a success story beyond our borders

We present to you one of the most recognised and successful brands in the Spanish market. Los Molinos is a benchmark brand in all department stores, but also in local supermarkets and convenience stores...

Los Molinos is one of the favourite brands among Spanish families for its value for money and wide range. This success has also been replicated in international markets, both in European countries and in other continents, thanks to the network of Félix Solís delegations that has more than 11 Sales offices distributed around the world.

The range of wines offered by Los Molinos is available in the main markets of the European Union, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Nordic Countries, Latin America…

A relevant success has been the commercial development of the brand in Asia. Most notably, China, where it has been present since 1998, when it became one of the first Spanish wineries to arrive in this country. Since then, the development of all the brands has been remarkable, especially Los Molinos thanks to its attributes of tradition, quality and innovation. As it happens, a couple of years ago they managed to sell 1 million bottles on one of the Chinese calendar milestone dates, “Singles’ Day”.

All this development is supported by the continuous wine tastings and contests in which our wines participate. In 2020, we have been awarded prestigious prizes, including Mundus Vini: Los Molinos Gran Reserva 2012; 2020 Berliner Wein Trophy: Los Molinos Gran Reserva 2012. We continue working to offer our followers the best quality and, of course, to become an ambassador brand for Spain beyond our borders.